Race Reports, December 2006

Jolly Holly Jog, 31st December

Dave Robson

This is a lovely run through attractive countryside. Weather was almost perfect, little wind and very mild. The organisers warned us before the start that parts of the route were muddy. This is a multi terrain course which starts on road and climbs slowly. It goes through the attractive village of Studley Roger and then into the deer park — the deer could be seen in the distance. The route then turns off tarmac and onto a path which crosses a series of small bridges. At this point it started to get muddy. The route then climbs out of the valley and then across a very muddy field. Its then back onto tarmac, followed by a path which was muddy in places before road again and finally playing field. There were ten Striders running and congratulations to Wendy who won her age category. Bright yellow gloves to all finishers. A very enjoyable day!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 STEVENSON , Ricky New Marske Harriers 0:33:03
16 PENTY, Becky York Acorn Running Club 0:38:06
104 HUTCHINSON, John 0:44:46
185 ROBSON, Dave 0:48:45
272 COFFIELD, Frank 0:53:21
277 ROWELL, Wendy 0:53:39
416 THOMPSON, Margare 1:01:42
425 WYNGARD, Janet 1:02:10
432 COFFIELD, Mary 1:02:30
455 SMITH, Jackie 1:04:29
509 HINDHAUGH, Joyce 1:11:44
521 THOMPSON, Emma 1:15:12

528 finishers

Saltwell 10K, 17th December

Dave Robson

My slowest time ever for this race which has a new route. No more Team Valley, Chowdene Bank and running along the old A1, this route was traffic free and in and around Saltwell Park, Gateshead. Three and a bit laps with lots of moderate climbs which you did three times, so I may have climbed more than Chowdene over the course of this race. It is a more attractive route running through the park than along Team Valley. Some sharp turns and descents where it didn't feel safe enough to let yourself go. Usual whisky glass and miniature to all finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Chris Parr Gateshead H & AC 31:59
155 ROBSON, Dave V55 15 49:37

215 finishers

Christmas Fancy Dress Handicap, 16th December


Pos Name Handicap Finish Actual Notes
1 Stephanie Barlow 00:04:00 00:45:40 00:41:40 1st Lady
2 Michael Grimes 00:16:00 00:48:20 00:32:20 Junior - non strider
3 Bob Lindsay 00:16:00 00:50:35 00:34:35 Junior - non strider
4 Alison Grant 00:04:00 00:50:54 00:46:54
5 Margaret Thompson 00:02:00 00:51:03 00:49:03
6 Jane Nathan 00:10:00 00:52:06 00:42:06
7 Will Horsley 00:23:00 00:52:39 00:29:39 1st Male, Fastest Male, only 1 prize awarded
8 Karen Elliott 00:18:00 00:53:38 00:35:38 Fastest Lady
9 Jackie Smith 00:00:00 00:54:45 00:54:45 Spot prize winner
9 Maureen Blackett 00:00:00 00:54:45 00:54:45
10 Shaun Roberts 00:21:00 00:54:37 00:33:37 Awarded fastest Male prize
11 Louise Billcliffe 00:12:00 00:55:13 00:43:13
12 Mike Bennett 00:22:00 00:55:23 00:33:23 Second fastest Male, won fancy Dress prize
13 Emma Thompson 00:00:00 00:56:14 00:56:14
14 Roz Layton 00:17:00 00:56:25 00:39:25
15 David Shipman 00:18:00 00:56:29 00:38:29
16 Keith Wesson 00:21:00 00:57:08 00:36:08 Spot prize winner
17 Alan Purves 00:10:00 00:57:15 00:47:15
18 Wendy Rowell 00:14:00 00:57:22 00:43:22 Fancy Dress prize winner
19 Mandy Dawson 00:16:00 00:57:25 00:41:25
20 Alan Smith 00:17:00 00:58:30 00:41:30 Spot prize winner
21 Geoff Watson 00:21:00 00:58:32 00:37:32
22 Tom Reeves 00:22:00 00:58:59 00:36:59
23 Debs Goddard 00:17:00 00:59:55 00:42:55
24 Liz Lamb 00:16:00 01:01:19 00:45:19 Missed start time. Actual time quicker
25 Joyce Hindhaugh 00:07:00 01:02:24 00:55:24
25 Janet Wyngard 00:09:00 01:02:24 00:53:24 Spot prize winner
Rosie Lindsay 00:04:00 00:26:00 00:22:00 Ran 1 lap
Fiona Shenton 00:04:00 00:42:40 00:38:40 Ran 1st Lap with Rosie

NE XC Championships, Herrington Park, 9th December

Alan Purvis

These Championships were held at Herrington Country Park on Saturday 9 December. The venue was chosen as a dress rehearsal for the National Championships which will take place here in March 2007.

NE Xc Champs

The NE XC Championships

The whole area was reclaimed from pit workings and has been landscaped to form hills and lakes. The course consisted of a run-out to a large lap over initially flat land and then a stiffish climb to a summit before descending and returning to the run-in to the finish.

As a result of the recent wet weather, but probably also through the poor drainage of reclaimed land, the course cut up very easily and after hundreds of feet had passed over the surface it became a quagmire over much of the distance.

The senior men did three laps over the twelve kilometre event while the women covered eight kilometres in their two laps. Despite the mud the times of the leading athletes were very impressive and weren't very much slower than for similar distances on the roads.

While the catchment area for the event was larger than the Harrier League, including as it did Cleveland and North Yorkshire, the fields were substantially smaller. Perhaps, with reason, many of the slower runners felt that the "Championships" were more daunting than lesser events and therefore didn't enter. However those who did run had a preview of the Nationals in March.

Striders had five men and one woman competing which meant we didn't make a team in either event.

Hexhamshire Hobble, 3rd December

Susan Davies


I have to take my hat off to all competitors who took part in this event today. Geoff and I have attended this race for aprox 10 years but we have never experienced such wet and windy conditions. It was a great effort by all and I am sure they all know they have really been in a race today and also battled it out against the elements.

At the end of the race Shaun escorted Louise to the hot shower which was located in the mens changing area and withdrew discreetly . Louise showered fully clothed in order to get some feeling in her hands in order to be able to remove the already soaked running gear. On her exit from the shower she came face to face with a male competitor and was not sure who was most shocked by this nude scene but declared both were probably past caring with priority at this time to get warm and dry. Further team work continued in the changing room when Louise assisted Wendy in getting out of her wet gear.

The scene in the Fire Station looked like something you would see in a drying out clinic with people drinking tea and coffee some with hand tremors and others shaking form head to toe. Gladly by the end of the prize giving most of them had stopped shaking. All Striders had recovered well enough to go to the pub and with steady hands not a drop of beer was spilt.

Well Done! I hope to see you all on the fells again soon promise the weather is not always like it was today.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Joe Blackett Dark Peak V40 1:13:29
23 Geoff Davis NFR V45 1:24:18
33 Graham Daglish V50 1:29:17
35 Shaun Roberts V45 1:30:24
36 Alan Rowell DCH V55 1 1:30:46
79 Louise Billcliffe LV40 1:51:00
86 Wendy Rowell LV55 1 2:02:10

94 finishers, 5 retirements, 1 competitor disqualified for not carrying required kit

Team results