Race Reports, January 2007

Brass Monkey Half Marathon, 21st January

Dave Robson

We drove down to York through some heavy rain so the prospects of an enjoyable race did not look good. However as we approached York the weather dried up and the temperature started to rise. By the time of the start, it was cloudy with a small amount of wind and very mild for January and the weather remained the same for the whole race. Eight Striders ran and Shaun did really well turning in his first sub-90 minutes since he was in his twenties ! This race has apparently been voted the best half marathon in the North of England in a running magazine and it is easy to see why, it is well organised, it has very enthusiastic and encouraging marshalls, its almost completely flat and its rural. We were advised to book early online for the 2008 race and entry forms should be available in September 2007.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Gary DUNN Thirsk & Sowerby SM 1 1:08:49
7 Hayley HAINING Kilbarchan AAC SF 1 01:12:06
148 Shaun ROBERTS M50 12 01:28:51
272 John HUTCHINSON M50 29 01:34:20
539 Alan SMITH M60 14 01:46:39
572 Dave ROBSON M55 37 01:48:33
742 Jean BRADLEY F55 8 01:57:21
793 Barrie EVANS M60 20 02:00:05
939 Jim NICHOLSON M55 63 02:15:23
961 Jill HALL F55 15 02:19:21

1010 finishers.

Harrier League, Farringdon, 13th January


Finishing second team on the day the women have extended their lead at the top of the overall table to six points! Another good turn out on a very windy day saw Donna beat everyone in a good quality fast pack. Steph Barlow's debut was very successful as her competitive spirit took her past many experienced runners. We need more like Steph if we are to retain the winner's shield and it would be good to see the return of some our "regulars" who have been sidelined because of injury or commitments.

This was the best mens' performance for a number of years with Striders finishing third on the day (if the provisional results are correct) taking us to fourth equal in the overall table. Through the wind and mud Will's youthful legs just managed to take him past Mike on the line to be first Strider home and our two fliers were supported by some brave performances from the core of our cross country regulars. We are just two points behind the third place team and if one of the leading teams were to slip up just once we could be there in that promotion slot!

Lets get a really big turn out for the next fixture at Wrekenton on the 17th Feb.


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
2 Donna James f 24.58
11 Karen Elliott s 26.29
20 Fiona Shenton f 27.12
34 Susan Davis s 28.07
44 Sue Pearson s 29.21
48 Steph Barlow s 29.41
50 Jan Young s 29.50
53 Wendy Rowell s 30.07
55 Louise Billcliffe s 30.28
60 Jean Bradley s 32.08

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
63 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
59 Will Horsley m 36.18
61 Mike Bennett s 36.20
94 Tom Reeves s 37.06
96 Geoff Davis s 37.11
147 Shaun Roberts s 38.35
149 Keith Wesson s 38.43
195 Nigel Heppell s 40.22
204 Paul Loftus s 41.10
223 Dave Shipman s 42.50
260 Alan Purves s 52.29

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
263 finishers.

Harrier League, Consett, 6th January


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
5 Donna James f 21.51
11 Karen Elliott s 22.40
22 Roz Layton s 23.37
30 Fiona Shenton f 23.59
39 Susan Davis s 24.24
49 Sue Pearson s 25.34
54 Jan Young s 25.58
57 Louise Billcliffe s 26.19
59 Liz Lamb s 26.30
60 Wendy Rowell s 26.32
66 Janet Wyngard s 29.24

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
66 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
66 Mike Bennett s 39.35
91 Will Horsley m 40.16
123 Geoff Davis s 41.02
154 Shaun Roberts s 42.05
175 Graham Daglish s 42.45
187 Keith Wesson s 43.15
204 Colin Blackburn s 44.19
205 Nigel Heppell s 44.21
238 Dave Shipman s 47.03
262 Alan Smith s 49.30
279 Alan Purves s 58.20

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
281 finishers.

Resolution Run, 1st January


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Richard Bellamy NYMAC 33.14
34 John Hutchinson M50 41.06
67 Scot Brown 45.49

119 finishers

Captain Cooks, 1st January


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Joseph Rafferty Unattached 32.04
48 Pippa Whitehouse Dorking & M.V. W 1 38.49
54 Mike Bennett M50 5 39.15
96 Shaun Roberts M45 17 42.40
131 Michael Fahey M45 24 45.03
132 Peter Fahey M50 12 45.12
137 Nigel Heppell M50 14 45.52
169 David Shipman M50 19 48.04

252 finishers