Race Reports, March 2007

East Hull 20, 24th March


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
242 Dave Robson MV55 3:17:16

287 finishers

Coniston 14, 24th March


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Dan Goulding Unattached 1:15:10
48 Kate Chaman Morpeth Harr F 1:29:46
175 Shaun Roberts MV50 1:40:14
529 Alan Smith MV60 1:53:51
860 Jean Bradley FV50 2:07:36
1084 Christine Farnsworth FV55 2:19:37
1085 Barrie Evans MV60 2:19:56
1148 Janet Wyngard FV45 2:24:14
1259 Gill Hall FV45 2:35:33
1329 Mike Hall MV75 2:54:42
1333 Joyce Hindhaugh FV50 2:55:28

1359 finishers

25th Tees Valley Half Marathon, Redcar, 18th March


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Nick Swinburn Morpeth Harriers 1:12:35
34 Helen Wilcock Pocklington Runners F 1:22:40
143 Tom Reeves M40 1:32:07
360 John Hutchinson M50 1:41:29
441 Alan Smith M40 1:44:59
1043 Margaret Thompson F50 2:23:54

1114 finishers

Harrier League, Prudhoe, 17th March


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
2 Donna James f 23:41
6 Karen Elliott s 23:55
7 Mandy Dawson s 23:59
16 Roz Layton s 24:50
21 Susan Davies s 25:09
24 Fiona Shenton f 25:18
34 Sue Pearson s 26:34
39 Louise Bilcliffe s 27:28
40 Jane Nathan s 27:28
41 Jan Young s 29:04

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
42 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
11 Will Horsley m 34:20
46 Geoff Davis s 35:44
58 Mike Bennett s 36:11
84 Tom Reeves s 36:42
121 Graham Daglish s 37:43
191 Nigel Heppell s 41:09
194 Conrad White s 41:19

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
205 finishers.

National XC Championships, Herrington, 10th March

Herrington Country Park was the venue for these Championships after the dress rehearsal which was the North Eastern Championships in December 2006. Conditions were "good to soft" underfoot, with much less mud than at the North Easterns but with a strong, cold wind.

The organisation of the meeting went very well with the races on time, the PA system audible throughout the site, and the movement of cars into and out of of the car parks without any snags except at the end of the day when everybody wanted to go home at the same time.

There were runners from every part of England, lines of coaches, and a sea of club tents as well as marquees for changing in. The winner was from Wells City Harriers in the West Country, others were from EasT Anglia with the Norfolk Gazelles, from the South Coast with Winchester & District AC and from the North with Alnwick Harriers. There were even two Scottish clubs, Dundee Hawkhill Harriers and Fife AC who evidently accept English runners as members!

Among other clubs were Coventry Godiva Harriers whose female runners save a bit on vests and shorts, Rolls-Royce Harriers who glide noiselessly past and Barrow Runners who do very well despite their heavy burdens! Woodford Green AC With Essex Ladies cut quite a figure with their platinum blond hair and white high heels! Nestle Rowntree AC had enjoyed too much of their sponsors products and came in just in front of The Stragglers!

The number of entrants was down from previous years with 916 Senior Men and 297 Senior Women lining up at the start.

Striders were represented by the four men who had run the Northerns at Manchester and by three women.


Men's results, 12k

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 F Tickner Wells City Harriers 37:31
624 M Bennett 53:00
734 K Wesson 55:47
912 A Purvis 74:42
DNF D Shipman

Women's results, 8k

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 L Yelling Bedford & County AC 28:56
112 F Shenton 36:00
175 K Elliott 38:48
231 J Young 42:07

Dentdale 14M, 10th March


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Rick Hayman Sale Harriers 1:16:02
34 Lisa Dent SkyRac A.C. 1:33:03
102 Shaun Roberts 1:43:54
152 John Hutchinson 1:50:27
173 Mandy Dawson 1:52:23
218 Alan Smith 1:55:54
247 Jane Nathan 1:59:46
248 Clare Outterside 1:59:48
257 Stephanie Barlow 2:00:424
284 Dave Robson 2:03:21
294 Louise Billcliffe 2:04:08
404 Christine Farnsworth 2:23:12
425 Margaret Thompson 2:28:00
428 Mary Gibson 2:28:49
433 Janet Wyngard 2:34:03

448 finishers

Haweswater Half Marathon, 4th March

John Hutchinson

Alan Smith and I drove over there on the morning and met Barrie and Christine, who had stayed overnight in Bampton, and Kathryn Banks, who was staying at Penrith. Also met former Striders Andy and Rebecca Adams. Rebecca wasn't running and Andy said he wasn't expecting to do a great time, but don't you just know when someone says that, that they're going to beat you.

Weather at first wasn't as bad as the horrendous weather forecast had predicted. It was overcast but no signs of heavy rainclouds, just a bitter cold wind. So cold that I was daft enough to put on a long sleeved Tshirt under my running vest. Once we got into the narrow valley along the reservoir though, we were sheltered from the wind and I was seriously overheating. But then as we approached the turnaround point at the head of the reservoir, the wind changed direction and the rain started. The wind was whipping up white-crested waves on the lake and the previosly dry road was awash with streams flowing off the hillside. I was slowed down with an extra five pounds weight of soggy wet t-shirt and squelchy waterlogged socks and shoes.

Met up with Alan and Kathryn in the village hall at the end, grateful for the free cup of hot tea in out race mugs. I'm afraid though that we didn't hang around to cheer in Barrie and Christine. Alan and I went back to the car to get our dry clothes, but as we passed the first car park field there was a tractor pulling cars out of the mud. When we got to our car park there were cars bogged down everywhere and people pushing them out of the mud.(Harried Leaguers would have loved the conditions!) We decided not to get changed first, but to get the car off the field first just in case we had to get out again in the rain and mud to push. Having got inside the dry car, however, neither of us wanted to get out again! We just headed for home with the heater turned up full and the blower on full speed. Was a bit like being in a tumble dryer, or, more like being a pudding steamed in a cloth bag.

Results are here - not exactly the best times we've ever done for the race, but not bad considering the conditions.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Mike Scott Border Harriers M40 1:11:27
21 Yvonne Wyke unattached F 1:23:44
191 John Hutchinson M50 1:42:34
218 Alan Smith M60 1:45:16
305 Kathryn Banks F 1:54:00
415 Christine Farnsworth F50 2:16:47
416 Barrie Evans M60 2:16:48

433 finishers

Grey's Pike, 4th March


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Joe Blackett Dark Peak MV40 40:44
8 Karen Robertson NFR L 45:45
9 Will Horsley NFR M 46:22
34 Nigel Heppell MV50 55:33
36 Susan Davis NFR LV45 56:26

53 finishers, possibly!

Harrier League, Chester-le-Street, 3rd March


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
4 Donna James f 19:05
7 Karen Elliott s 19:10
15 Roz Layton s 19:40
25 Mandy Dawson s 20:07
28 Susan Davies s 20:17
33 Fiona Shenton f 20:28
45 Sue Pearson s 21:08
46 Jan Young s 21:10
54 Liz Lamb s 21:32
58 Louise Bilcliffe s 21:48
60 Debs Goddard s 21:59
63 Julie Michelson s 22:06

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
71 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
72 Mike Bennett s 36:16
73 Will Horsley m 36:17
88 Geoff Davis s 36:34
102 Tom Reeves s 36:47
110 Keith Wesson s 37:05
132 Graham Daglish s 37:30
150 Shaun Roberts s 38:18
181 Conrad White s 39:24
211 Nigel Heppell s 41:41
226 Dave Robson s 44:05
239 Allan Purvis s 51:25

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
239 finishers.

Durham 5K, 3rd March

Dave Robson

A disappoingtly smaller field this year, probably about 300, but it had been scheduled for the same day as a Harrier League event, so the drop in numbers was not surprising. Lovely sunny day and almost the same course as last year, the start moved a short distance (route below refers to last year's route but the change was minor). Very flat course on grass with very little mud. Lots of students, many in fancy dress and one carrying a canoe !


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
Karen Elliott F 22:24
Dave Robson 23:32