Race Reports, May 2007

Edinburgh Marathon, 27th May


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ian Grime M 02:31:57
36 Fiona Matheson Otley Athletic Club F45 1 02:54:43
237 Fiona Shenton F45 2 03:14:17

3586 finishers

Brathay Windermere Marathon, 20th May

Dave Robson

This was billed as an undulating course which it certainly was, I can only recall two or three flat stretches. A lovely sunny day with lots of shade on the route and a slight breeze which helped us stay cool. There was also lots of supporters out on the route giving encouragement, which helped.

My plan for this my first marathon was to do 10 minute miles and then see how I felt towards the end. The first mile went according to plan, but from then on I found myself going faster than that. I was going great until 21m when the second big hill appeared (the first one was at 7m). I started to get cramps in both calves so thought I should slow down, not a hard decision as I was running out of energy in spite of regular gels and isotonic drinks. The last five miles were very slow, but overall I was over the moon with my time of 4h 13min 59sec. A well organised race in beautiful surroundings.

All runners received history of Brathay and coaster.

I found the stairs very challenging when I got home !


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Julian Mawson Otley Athletic Club 2:47:30
498 Dave Robson MV55 27 4:13:59

912 finishers

Pier to Pier Race, 20th May


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Tim Field Sunderland Harriers M41 39:14
22 Louise Noble Sunderland Harriers F26 44:39
56 Graham Daglish M53 47:57
84 Shaun Roberts M50 49:36
87 Thomas Reeves M41 49:45
163 Nigel Heppell M52 53:35
170 Mandy Dawson F40 53:52
202 Jennefer Gray F30 55:06
251 Jane Nathan F43 57:18
305 Claire Outterside F30 58:57
311 Debra Goddard F36 59:04
329 Wendy Rowell F57 59:43
336 Louise Billcliffe F44 59:55
391 Barrie Evans M60 62:30
409 Christine Farnsworth F56 63:25
418 Jean Bradley F51 63:56
433 Joseph Thornton M55 64:21
435 Jill Hall F47 64:24
503 Philip Todd M36 67:45
514 Alan Purvis M69 68:48
520 Mary Gibson F55 69:07
539 Margaret Thompson F57 70:19
568 Linda McDermott F59 73:08
602 Jackie Smith F68 76:04
603 Joyce Hindhaugh F54 76:04

650 finishers

Snods 6, Snods Edge, 16th May

Nigel Heppell

Blackhill Bounders presented this wednesday evening race for its second year from this venue with about 39 runners attending mainly from BB, Derwentside, Blyth, plus 5.5 Striders, the half Strider being Will Horsley who claimed to have lost his vest.

Registration was at the community centre next to the church and opposite the farm. These seem to be the only buildings in Snods Edge, the next nearest habitation is a scattering of farms away in the distance, and yet the community centre is well equipped with a hall, bar, kitchen and dining area which seem to be well used. Be careful how fast you drive through, blink and you'll miss it.

The race started 1/4 mile away on single track road with quite a steep descent and ascent then a long but gentle drag uphill followed by fairly level stretches interspersed with dips and climbs across minor valleys, through a muddy farmyard down through a stream before climbing back up to skirt round some forestry plantations and exiting on a steady downhill run across fields to meet a 1/2 mile up gradient on road to the finish and a welcome bottle of water.

Total distance is said to be something like 6.2 miles, 3 GPS's couldn't agree so this is the average, personally, it felt like a long 10K. Weather was cool and damp but conditions underfoot were OK especially considering the heavy rain all afternoon. I ran in road shoes without problems and after the grassy fields they were probably cleaner than when I set off.

After the race we were all invited back to the centre to enjoy a fantastic spread of food including choice of two curries with suitable spicy accompanyments, an array of buffet-type finger foods, and cakes galore. Needless to say, the bar was open and was well used on the night. Shaun R would have loved the whole thing.

We were then treated to a quiz in which Striders team performed surprisingly well considering the pop star and C-list celebrity questions and our combined age of about 400yrs; could have done with some help from our ladies here, and they would have been in with a good chance of a race prize too as there was only one lady running tonight.

When it comes to winning, never mind the race, Andy James showed them how to do it with 3 wins in the raffle although, being the gentleman that he is, he returned 2 to the draw.

Unfortunately I don't have the actual race results to hand, but I do know that Mike B, Paul L, Conrad W, and myself are on the way back from various injuries and were all happy with our times.

All in all, a well organised race run through very pleasant countryside with faultless hospitality and an enjoyably social evening to follow.

I'll be marking my race calendar with this one for next year and I encourage all you Striders out there to give it a go too.

ps. Its free, what more could you want?

pps. Does anyone know who or what a Snod is/was?

ppps Snods Edge is a corruption of Snow's Edge. The village was once on the snow line of the North Pennines. (Your ever helpful webmaster.)


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Gary Jones Blyth 38.04
2 Will Horsley 39.58
7 Mike Bennet 43.09
10 Conrad White 45.29
14 Paul Loftus 46.24
17 Nigel Heppell 48.15
30 Andy James 60.15

30 finishers

Tees Barrage 10K, 7th May


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Mark HOOD Sunderland Harriers 31:58
28 Julie MASTROLONARDO Loftus & Whitby A.C. FV35 40:40
120 Steve Walker MV50 47:53
122 Kirsty Walker Gateshead Harriers F 47:56
123 Dave Robson MV50 48:04

319 finishers

Keswick Half Marathon, 6th May


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Steven Potts Sunderland Harriers 1:15:42
68 Morag McDonnell Chester Le St Ac F 1:32:15
100 Thomas Reeves MV40 1:34:21
271 Jane Nathan FV40 1:48:46
299 Stephanie Barlow F 1:51:21
333 Frank Coffield MV60 1:55:33
358 Jean Bradley FV50 1:59:18
414 Christine Farnsworth FV55 2:05:43
428 Mary Coffield FV50 2:07:51
476 Jill Hall FV45 2:17:20
489 Alan Purvis MV65 2:21:53

518 finishers

CHIN-UP Beach Run, Seahouses, 6th May

Dave Robson

Race started further down the beach and the turn around point was also not as far along the beach as in 2005. Another runner who had a GPS measured it as 5.52m, quite a bit below 10K. Sunny day but a strong NW wind which in certain sections meant that we were running directly into it in the first half - I don't usually do negative splits, but I think everybody must have done today. The sand also got whipped up and hit our legs hard at times. It's very rare for me to finish in the top 20 (same position as last time) but to come clean, only 42 finishers this time compared to 68 last time!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ash Henderson Unattached 34:10
20 Dave Robson M 45:29

42 finishers