Race Reports, January 2008

Sedgefield Handicap, Sedgefield Harriers Winter Invitation Handicap, 27th January

Dave Robson

Four Striders, Mike, Greta, Phil and I, went to the Sedgefield Harriers Club Winter Invitation Handipcap Run this morning. It was advertised as 6.5m, but three Garmin owners measured it as 6.9m and I measured it on Gmap-pedometer as 6.12m. I am bit puzzled by the different measurements.

It was very windy at the start/finish area, but we were assured that it wasn't so bad on the course. This was right and the run went out on an old railway line which was sheltered by trees. Before the 2m point we turned off the old railway line on to part of the course that was used for the Sedgefield Serpentine race last August. The course then turned into the attractive village of Bishop Middleham (where there was a small section on road), before heading back to the railway line and then heading back the way we came. An attractive course.

Nicely muddy in places and the handicap system which was based on the best 10K time in the last twelve months worked well. Congratulations to Phil who came in 3rd ! Tea and flapjack at the end. I will do this one again.

Not sure there will be any results, their club website seems to be down and it was an invitation event

Farringdon XC, Harrier League, Farringdon, 12th January

Shaun Roberts

Great turnout at Farringdon - 12 men and 8 women, plus spectators - a veritable Sea of Purple this time. And lots of strong running on show.

Tom lead the men home with a fast start and a very good run, followed by Geoff, then two runners coming back into good form - Steve and Conrad. Mike Bennett next, suffering from a bad chest, and then Keith passed me towards the end of the third lap to claim sixth spot. Graham did well on what he claims is a stone over his fighting weight, and just kept in front of Nigel by a single second. Dave next, followed by John and Alan to complete a (very) dirty dozen. Mud everywhere, after running what was the slippiest course I've been on for a while.

Donna had a great run from the fast pack, and felt a lot better afterwards than before! Fiona next, also with a good run from the fast pack, and then Roz, Susan, Debs, Jan, Wendy and Julie. All the ladies looked very strong out on the course and did well in the conditions. Steph's shins were giving her grief, so she had to pull out after the first lap, I think.

Lots of cakes, flapjacks, sweets at the finish - also ginger wine - thanks John!

Conrad adds: What wonderful cakes and ginger wine. Thanks to all who brought the goodies. Well done to all for getting through the mud - maybe not enough for mud(wo)man but enough for me.



Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 DAWSON, Michael North Shields Poly 30:23
83 REEVES, Thomas 36:59
113 DAVIS, Geoff 37:32
147 LINDSAY, Steve 38:33
168 WHITE, Conrad 39:11
169 BENNETT, Michael 39:15
170 WESSON, Keith 39:19
176 ROBERTS, Shaun 39:31
223 DAGLISH, Graham 41:59
224 HEPPLE, Nigel 42:00
246 ROBSON, Dave 44:12
253 EVERETT, John 45:30
268 PURVIS, Alan 52:13

271 finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 TROWBRIDGE, Jess Gateshead Harriers 24:58
8 JAMES, Donna 26:23 *Fast pack
29 SHENTON, Fiona 28:06 *Fast pack
32 LAYTON, Roz 28:16
41 DAVIS, Susan 28:30
58 GODDARD, Debs 29:50
64 YOUNG, Jan 30:46
68 ROWELL, Wendy 31:27
72 MITCHELSON, Julie 32:11

80 finishers.

South Shields XC, Harrier League, South Shields, 5th January

Susan Davis

A big thankyou to the club members who took part in the X/C today. We managed to field 7 men & 7 women and as usual those present gave it their all so well done everyone the men were led home by Geoff & the women by Roz. A big thank you also to the men who were able to stay back & offer support to the womens team together with female non running members Wendy, Louise & Amanda having people cheer you on in these events really does help.

The weather conditions were good for running but I have to say I was disappointed with the lack of mud. Will I ever get to use my Harrier League Survival Kit? Perhaps there will be more mud on offer next week at Farringdon. As this event is close to home it would be great if we could have double numbers in both the mens & womens race. The Sea of Purple this season has been smaller than usual for a variety of reason but why not turn the tide. There is always great team spirit at these events and those turning up are finding it hard to clear the tasty nibbles provided by Elvet Eats so the more the merrier at the next event.



Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 GIVEN, Paul Sunderland Harriers 32:54
127 DAVIS, Geoff 39:56
136 WESSON, Keith 40:15
148 LINDSAY, Steve 40:44
162 WHITE, Conrad 41:07
200 HEPPELL, Nigel 43:06
224 ROBSON, Dave 46:37
241 PURVIS, Alan 53:21

243 finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 LAWS, Tracy Chester-le-Street 26:41
30 LAYTON, Roz 29:05
34 SHENTON, Fiona 29:10 *Fast pack
39 DAVIS, Susan 29:30
44 DAWSON, Mandy 30:09
51 GODDARD, Debs 30:46
59 YOUNG, Jan 31:31
66 MITCHELSON, Julie 23:44

74 finishers.