Fell and Trail Running Routes

Once you've done a race, you know the route, and you'll probably never have to look at a map of it ever again. Perhaps the pain will remind you for ever of certain hills, that long last drag ... Yet before you do a race for the first time, having some knowledge of where you're going is a boon, and can give you some idea of how to pace yourself, or failing that, when to get the camera out!

This section of the site is intended to hold whatever fell and trail running routes we can get hold of. Please note, though, that these represent a possible route, not necessarily the route, let alone the best one, for those races where there is some element of route choice. For these, it has traditionally been up to the competitor to recce at least some sections of the race route. After all it's a lot more fun when you do go and recce a race beforehand to find the best tracks, and all too easy if you (and everybody else) are shown the way.