Mountain Marathons

A mountain marathon (MM) is a two-day mountain navigation event over upland terrain.

MMs are usually for teams of two although you can run solo at some events. Teams navigate between checkpoints: either visiting them in the order given or having to collect as many controls as possible in some fixed time, depending on the event.

The first day finishes at a mid-way campsite where you'll spend the night with other competitors. Here you'll need to cook your evening meal, get a good night's sleep and then cook your breakfast. Competitors must carry all they need for a two day run and a night in the hills, clothes, lightweight camping equipment, food, water and safety equipment. The distances covered vary between different classes but a MM is an endurance event taking several hours each day.

Essentially a MM is a cross between fell running and orienteering with the distances magnified several-fold.

Most importantly mountain marathons are great fun. Honest!