Weekly Round-up - 03 Feb 2016

Weekly Round-up

A week perhaps when social rather than running activities were more prominent and for this huge thanks to Graeme Walton, Penny Browell and Anita Clementson. Between them they ensured a great night was had on Saturdayby all who attended and the seamless organisation made the night run smoother than a very smooth thing indeed. Though no doubt a few attendees did wake the next morning asking what have I done to deserve this.

On to running from the weekend and the biggest event -the northern x-c champs- saw The Mud people,Steph Piper and Mike Hughes seizing opportunities to beat a monster of a course and defying pretty horrendous weather to boot.

Park run victories for Gareth Pritchard to go with his first ever trophies( Hartlepool) and Penny Browell,who after Saturday night now has trinkets a plenty to sell should the rent ever need paying, (Chester Le Street) whilst Catherine Smith recorded a new PB at Hartlepool too.

Dave Robson wasn't being boring as he ventured a frankly obscene distance on the Wilmot Wander.

And so to Wednesday night- in order to allow time for extra online shopping or perhaps sneak an entry into Blaydon the group runs will commence at 7-20,Neil Jennings' group and track at 7-30.

As I'll be left to my own devices for a while, as internet connectivity and websites are cursed, for those not looking to run on the 9th of June from the Bigg Market I'll be doing a warm up on the track from 7.00-7.15 all welcome.

Groups for tomorrow (Wed 3rd) and sessions:

Thanks for your time.