Weekly Round-up - 15 Feb 2016

Weekly Round-up

Well it's no secret Saltburn was a veritable ocean of purple this weekend with Helen Allen,Catherine Smith, Gareth Pritchard,Dianne Watson,Lesley Hamill,Rachel Toth,Debbie McFarland,Sophie Dennis and team Jennings all amongst those who opened the Pandora's box of trail running.Photo's seemed to show lots of smiles and hard earned souvenir t-shirts.

Sailing on the seven seas to things further afield Colin Blackburn completed the Toblach marathon in Italy,not content with doing a full 26.2 in shoes this was done on skis.

Meanwhile the Mudpeople completed the Carmethy 5 hills Pentland challenge ,images indicate this was in winter weather.

Nearer to home Peter Hart broke 24 minutes for the first time at Durham Parkrun.

Congratulations to all above and a,polite, request to all that it makes life a little easier if details of what's been done at the weekend is forwarded to myself or Fiona.If you leave it to me to search out efforts as a "careful" Yorkshireman I start to fret about the cost of electricity used to gather info.

So to Wednesday-