Weekly Round-up - 26 Jan 2016

Weekly Round-up

Well quite a quiet weekend of racing, the re-scheduled Jolly Hog was the only race it seems. If anyone else has raced and I've missed it apologies.

The following striders took to some mud and lovely scenery at the Jolly Hog - Danny Lim, Malcolm Sygrove, John Hutchinson, Camilla Lauren-Maatta, Melanie Hudson, Rebecca Fisher, Andrew Munro, Dave Robson, Ian Spencer, Kathleen Bellamy, Sue Jennings and Kerry Barnett. There was some nice photos shared on the FB group, no race report yet - any volunteers?

This week we have the following run options -

If anyone else want to lead a group please shout up.

Please be considerate for Parking at Maiden Castle and use other options and car share were possible.

I hope you all have your tickets for the Awards night this Saturday, I would like to thank Graeme Walton for taking the time to organise this, it will be a great night. See you all in your glad rags on Saturday.

Fiona Jones.