Captain's Round-Up: Back to Business

27 Jul 2015

Ladies and gents,

On Friday I was running steadily along the winding slabbed path that crosses the moors between Kinder Scout and the Snake Pass when Nigel Heppell thought to congratulate me. This, due to a lack of internet access in the day prior to the start of the relay was, after he'd noticed by puzzlement and explained, was how I found out that I'm back in the seat until the AGM in October. For this responsibility, I thank all of you who nominated and seconded me to return for the post - one that I did not expect to return to after recent events. I further thank all of you who have expressed your thoughts on the matter and on general club issues of late. My intention is, along with the other committee members, to attempt to put behind us the unpleasantness of recent events, learning from that which could have been done better, and to continue to train and race as we have done for so long - together, as a club that is truly multi-ability and multi-disciplinary. I hope and believe that the charity relay over the weekend has helped remind us all of our strengths when we pull together for nothing but the satisfaction of daring to attempt that which was seemingly impossible (those who ran distance/terrain PBs on Saturday and Sunday, this means you)...and for the money we raised for two worthy local charities, for which donations are still being taken. I thank each and every one of you who helped sanity-check the initial idea, helped with logistics, ran and donated - this was truly a great club effort and I hope will live long in the memory and serve to remind, in the inevitable periods we all experience when running seems barely worthwhile, of how great this sport can be for mind and body.

So, to business as promised:

That is all for now from me: whilst unexpected, it is lovely to be back.