Elvet Striders - Officers of the Club

The current Officers of the Club can be found via the following link: Club Officers Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

The Officers of the Club up until the time of the club AGM held in Sep 2016 are shown below:

Le Grand Fromage - Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Men's Captain - Jon Ayres

Men's Captain
Jon Ayres

Ladies Captain - Fiona Jones

Ladies Captain
Fiona Jones


Club Secretary - Pam Kirkup

Club Secretary
Pam Kirkup

Treasurer - Anita Clementson

Anita Clementson



Men's Vice-Captain - Graeme Walton

Men's Vice-Captain
Graeme Walton

Women's Vice-Captain - Penny Browell

Ladies Vice-Captain
Penny Browell

Publicity Officer - Steph Piper

Publicity Officer
Steph Piper

Web Officers - Dougie Nisbet and Scott Watson

Web Officers
Dougie Nisbet and Scott Watson

Membership Secretary - Denise Benvin

Membership Secretary
Denise Benvin

Transport Officer - Andy James

Transport Officer
Andy James

Kit Officer - Debs Goddard

Kit Officer
Debs Goddard

C25K Coordinator - Kate Macpherson

C25K Coordinator
Kate Macpherson



Men's Cross-Country Captain - Geoff Davis

Men's X/C Captain
Geoff Davis

Women's Cross-Country Captain - Susan Davis

Women's X/C Captain
Susan Davis


All officers will retire each year but will be eligible for re-appointment. Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Fuller descriptions of these club roles can be found here and here.

Officers of the Club Throughout the Ages ...

Previous Club Committee mugshots can be found here: 2012-13    2013-14.