Run Britain Handicap Scores

Megan Bell

As a UKA registered athlete, your results in UKA affiliated events (including parkrun) are recorded at

Each result you post will give you a handicap score, the lower the better. You can improve your score by improving - simples. The handicap score improvement looks at your improvement, so if you knock 5 minutes off your parkrun PB, you'll get a big improvement, no matter if your new PB is 20 minutes or 40 minutes.

Here is an extract from the Run Britain website:

runbritain's revolutionary handicap scoring system is designed to give road runners of all abilities the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains.

For 2014, we are starting to include cross country so now with also road, multi-terrain and track nearly all events can contribute to your handicap. We have also improved the algorithm with handicaps now better comparable between runners and more indicative of current form. We have also further improved the way we measure the difficulty of the course on the day so that you have as good a chance of improving your handicap on a hilly course on a tough day to a flat course on a calm day.

In addition to producing a graph of your progress, all your personal best times are stored in one place and you can select options to "follow" other people (club members, running elite (if they let you!)

Run Britain also has a section for entering UKA affiliated races, as well as a racing calendar for all UKA events.

In addition to the Grand Prix, the club has recognised that many members are making huge improvements, despite not necessarily being the fastest or winning any prizes. Katy Walton, former club secretary, is trending club members' improvement in their Run Britain handicap score on a month by month basis to recognise people who are improving. A monthly email will be sent out and the results posted on the website.

So make sure you have claimed your handicap so we can publicise your successes in the future!

Head to and click the "Claim your Handicap" button.

Here are the monthly results to date (pdfs):