parkrun Challenge

Dave Robson

This is a challenge for club members. The idea came from a very similar challenge that the Quakers running club in Darlington have organised, so thank you to them for the original idea. This challenge is different from the Grand Prix as the results will be based on age grades which appear in the parkrun results. Find out more about age grades here. The basis of this challenge is that in the year starting from the AGM to the next AGM, you take part in the following six parkruns at least once (each one can be done as many times as you like) before September 1st: You can do these events on any Saturday and you should record the date on which you did your highest age grade at each event. Once you have completed all six events, you should email me (dave dot robson10 at gmail dot com) with the six dates on which you did your highest age grade at each event. Please do this within two weeks of completing the sixth event and I will update the results spreadsheet. If your age grade improves at any one of the six events after that, please email me, again within two weeks, letting me know the date of the event and the spreadsheet will be updated. Please note that all updates must be emailed before the AGM. The winner of the challenge will be the club member with the largest sum of their highest age grade at each event. So if Mo Farah joins the club and gets a age grade of 100 at each event, his total sum would be 600. So once the AGM is over, the challenge starts and you can start your journey as parkrun tourists!

Results from 2014-15